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The T Town conference was off-the-charts inspiring. Just walking in to the first event gave me ‘electric shivers’ - so many like minds & hearts gathering together as one. Creative, flexible, courageous, clear-sighted, compassionate - the quality of this group was beyond outstanding. We’re forging a new culture - it’s already happening, right in our Transition movement, and became tangible and real for me at the Twin Cities conference. Lives on as a bright flame in my heart: what we’ve most needed, we are creating, together: do not despair!
— Elizabeth from Mercer Island, WA

From Friday, July 27th to Sunday, July 30th, 2017, Transition US hosted its first-ever National Gathering at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Approximately 300 people attended at least some part of this extraordinary event, which included six intensive trainings, 43 diverse workshops, three keynote presentations, opening and closing ceremonies, bioregional breakouts, and Open Space sessions. This main conference was then followed-up by a two-day Movement Strategy Session and Leadership Retreat at Walker Community United Methodist Church in Minneapolis.

Until we reconvene for our second National Gathering in Pittsburgh in the summer of 2019 (details TBA), you can browse this website for an abundance of inspiring videos, slides, stories, and photos from 2017 National Gathering and 2018 Online Summit. Regardless of whether you were able to join us for either of these events, you will find plenty of new information and insights here to challenge, encourage, and move you to action in order to broaden, deepen, and scale-up community resilience-building efforts wherever you live.

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Special Thanks to Everyone Who Made This Gathering Possible!

It definitely took a village to pull off such a multi-faceted and dynamic six-day event. Below, we celebrate those individuals and institutions who went above and beyond to help organize, spread the word, and provide the financial support necessary to make our first National Gathering such a massive success. Please click on any of the links or logos below to learn more.

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Members of the national gathering organizing team meet for breakfast before the main event. Photo courtesy of Nils Palsson.

Members of the national gathering organizing team meet for breakfast before the main event. Photo courtesy of Nils Palsson.

While the number of people who helped organize, promote, and host this National Gathering are simply too numerous to mention, special thanks go out to Leslie Mackenzie of Transition Twin Cities, Michael Russelle of Transition Town - All St. Anthony Park, Jul Bystrova of Era of Care, Ruah Swennerfelt of Transition Town Charlotte, Laura Philon of Wilmington in Transition, Mark Juedeman of the Transition US Board of Directors, and Transition US staff members Carolyne Stayton, Nils Palsson, Marissa Mommaerts, and Don Hall who did most of the heavy-lifting for this event. Altogether, dozens of volunteers provided around 1,500 hours of their time to make this first National Gathering a success!