Navigating the Gathering

Below is some more information that will help you to navigate this National Gathering. The first section provides detailed information about getting to the Macalester College campus. The second highlights parking areas, dorms, and all of the other rooms we will be using on Macalester's campus. You can click on either of the maps posted on this page to link to interactive versions.


We suggest you plan your trip to the Macalester College campus (1600 Grand Ave., Saint Paul) before you arrive. There are several alternative modes of transportation.

A good place to begin is, which provides a quick idea of the costs and travel time of alternatives (walk, bike, Uber, taxi, transit, personal vehicle) for given starting and ending points.

The Metropolitan Council’s Trip Planner transit page allows you to designate your location, destination, and departure or arrival time, then provides one or more alternative. Their TC Next Bus app is very useful to plan trips by transit once you’re here and get your bearings. You can learn more about this using this public transit system, including how to purchase tickets, here.

Taxis are widely available in town and are easy to find on your browser, as are Uber and Lyft.

Bicycling is big in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis is among the best cities in the US for biking, and Saint Paul is working on moving up in the standings. We know you’re coming for the Transition US Gathering, but if you bring your bike or use Nice Ride here, be sure to bring and wear a helmet.

From MSP Airport

Taxi service is available at all times at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Lyft and Uber operate there, too - follow their directions to your pickup spot. For taxis, follow the signs, tell the dispatcher when you arrive where you are going, and she/he will point you to the next cab. Many drivers are recent immigrants, so please be patient with their language skills. Tell the driver your destination (for example, Macalester College in Saint Paul, near the corner of Grand and Snelling), The shortest way after crossing the Mississippi River is to drive North on Fairview Ave., then East on Grand. The trip will be about 20 minutes and cost about $30.

Metro Transit: from the MSP Airport, follow the signs to the Blue Line light rail, get off at the 46th Street Station, transfer to the A Line Bus, which goes North on Snelling Avenue, and get off at Grand Avenue. Macalester is across Snelling Avenue from the bus stop.

From Union Depot (Amtrak)

Metro Transit: The 63 bus toward Grand Avenue/Westgate picks up about 2 blocks NE of the station on Kellogg Ave and Broadway. If you are bringing your bike, buses generally have bike racks on the front. Alternatively, you can catch the Green Line light rail just in front of Union Depot, transfer to the A Line rapid bus (going South toward the 46th St. Station) at Snelling Avenue, and disembark at Grand Avenue, a few blocks away. You may take your bike on board the light rail; enter at the middle of the car and place the bike in a rack.

Bicycling from Union Depot in Saint Paul to Macalester is a bit problematic. The elevation difference is about 190 feet, and there are no easy connections that reduce the climb while being a safe route in traffic between the two. The latest bicycling map for Saint Paul is here. You can see the topographic details by zooming in on Saint Paul here.

Bicycling from the Greyhound/Jefferson Line bus station in Minneapolis to Macalester is relatively easy. Follow marked bike lanes and bikeways in Minneapolis to the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge, then Marshall Avenue, Cleveland Avenue, and Summit Ave in Saint Paul.

Arriving by Automobile

There are two seasons in Minnesota: winter and road repair. If you are driving to Saint Paul from outside the Twin Cities, we recommend you use the Minnesota 511 app or their online version, both of which show traffic, accidents, construction, icy conditions, etc.


In addition to the various parking areas shown on the map above, here is a list of the rooms we'll be using and the kinds of activities that will take place in them around Macalester's campus. Please note that parking is free and overnight guests should use West 2 Parking (#13 on map).

Bigelow Hall (#2 on Map)

All dorm housing for the Gathering will be located here.

Kagin Commons (#3 on Map)

Almost all of our big group activities will be held in the Ballroom in this building just north of Grand Avenue. This includes all three keynote presentations, bioregional breakouts on Sunday morning, and our Open Space discussions and closing session on Sunday afternoon.

Markim Hall (#4 on Map)

Davis Court, which will host a series of workshops as well as our pre-Gathering intensive on "Skilling Up for Local Economic Resilience," is located in this building.

Carnegie Hall (#7 on Map)

Rooms 05, 06, 107, and 206 will all host five workshops each. Rooms 05 and 06 will also host two intensives each (one on Thursday and one on Friday).

Campus Center (#11 on Map)

The Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center is home to Cafe Mac, where all meals will be served. Classrooms 207 and 215 will host a series of workshops, while The Loch will also host our "Effective Collaboration Training" in addition to a series of workshops. Registration will take place between The Loch and the JBD Lecture Hall, where our screening of "Tomorrow" will be held on Thursday evening.