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As an organizer based in a rural community in the northeast, the opportunity to gather with other organizers around the country, to cross pollinate ideas, hear the framing questions that are alive for others, investigate our biases and unexamined assumptions together, to share in meals, walks, all of this is necessarily nourishing for me commit to the long haul, and take the longview.
— Josh from Wolfeboro, NH

40 choice photos from volunteer photographers Teresa Konechne, Nils Palsson, Sari Steuber, and Carolyne Stayton are displayed below in four sections: "Opening, Closing, and Keynote Sessions," "Intensives and Workshops," "Fun Times in the Twin Cities," and "Open Space Technology and Bioregional Breakouts." Simply click on any of the images below to enlarge them and read the full caption.

Opening, Closing, and Keynote Sessions

Intensives and Workshops

Fun Times in the Twin Cities

Open Space Technology and Bioregional Breakouts