Pre-Gathering Intensives

On Thursday, July 27th and Friday, July 28th, Transition US will host six one and two-day intensive trainings that will dig deeper into key issues and enable participants to learn and practice new skills. If you'd like to attend, you will need to register for these intensives separately from the main conference. Please click on any of the images or titles below for more information.

Two-Day Intensives: Thursday, July 27 and Friday, july 28

"Effective Collaboration Training" with Don Hall

While working together in groups can be fun, it's not always easy. How can we collaborate with others without replicating hierarchical structures or getting too bogged-down in group process? Specifically designed for Transition initiative leaders and those working towards social change, this dynamic, participatory training will provide you with everything you need to build organizational capacity and skillfully navigate the inevitable ups and downs of group life.

"Skilling Up For Local Economic Resilience" with Jay Tompt

This two-day course is designed for community organizers, activists, entrepreneurs, civic leaders - anyone who is interested in making real economic change right where they live. Based on Jay's experience leading REconomy efforts in Totnes, England and elsewhere, participants in this workshop will come away with a solid understanding of local economics, how to organize projects, and a real feeling of confidence.

One-day Intensives: Thursday, July 27 

"From Meetings to Movements: Social Permaculture Strategies for Transition" with Adam Brock

How can activists working to rebuild local economies and local foodsheds spread their message beyond the choir? Can relocalization advocates shape local public policy? Join permaculturalist, author, and social entrepreneur Adam Brock in this interactive workshop designed to take local initiatives to the next level.

"Community Rights: We the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare to Believe" with Paul Cienfuegos

Imagine Transition activists beginning to redefine ourselves as We the People, with the inherent right to govern ourselves where we live. The Community Rights movement has helped more than 200 communities and counties across eight states to realize they have a RIGHT to a sustainable energy future, a healthy climate, clean water, a local food system, sustainable infrastructure, etc., as locally enforceable laws! We need a scale of local organizing and educating that few of us have ever witnessed. We need to start seeing ourselves as the Deciders. We need to start thinking and acting as a self-governing people. Expect to be provoked and stretched in your thinking!

One-Day Intensives: Friday, July 28 

"Deep Resilience: From Me to We - An Intimate Communal Exploration" with Rebecca Blanco

This interactive and experiential workshop focuses on the inner transition, “the changes we need to make within ourselves to transition to the more caring, equitable, beautiful, sustainable and resilient world...” (Transition Network).

Discover internal ingenuity and power to cultivate resilience and invigorate our healthier responses to the challenges facing us. Investigate how your own deep resilience can foster well-being in your community. Throughout the day, we’ll weave in practices that involve self-reflection, helpful unlearning, contemplation, conversation, and more, in order to blossom as trailblazers and game-changers in ways that can be sustained over time.

"Taking Your Transition Initiative to the Next Level" with Tina Clarke

Join colleagues in a highly-interactive, sharing, and problem-solving workshop addressing key challenges of growing a Transition, resilience, or eco-collaborative community. Give and receive in-depth support. Explore the pros and cons of different approaches to communications, outreach, growth, group structure, community development, choosing goals and projects, and facilitating outer and inner Transition. Share and discover “best practices," fantastic resources, and how to choose among Transition ingredients to best support collective genius and action in your unique community.

A leading global Transition trainer, Tina will share insights from local community projects and her Transition consulting work in Denmark and Europe.