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"Taking Your Transition Initiative to the Next Level" with Tina Clarke

  • Carnegie Hall, Room 05 90 South Macalester Street Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

Join colleagues in a highly-interactive, sharing, and problem-solving workshop addressing key challenges of growing a Transition, resilience, or eco-collaborative community. Give and receive in-depth support. Explore the pros and cons of different approaches to communications, outreach, growth, group structure, community development, choosing goals and projects, and facilitating outer and inner Transition. Share and discover “best practices," fantastic resources, and how to choose among Transition ingredients to best support collective genius and action in your unique community.

A leading global Transition trainer, Tina will share insights from local community projects and her Transition consulting work in Denmark and Europe.

Tina Clarke

Tina Clarke has been a professional community organizer, trainer, facilitator, and speaker since 1985, as well as a Transition Trainer since 2008. She directed national citizen training programs and founded campaigns on energy, environmental justice, and toxins. As a consultant, she helped 422 organizations with strategic planning, program expansion, fundraising, and public engagement. Working with Transition Network, Tina has served over 240 communities worldwide, delivered 61 Transition Training courses, and provided hundreds of presentations. Her articles have been published in two scholarly books. She is currently consulting for Transition initiatives and model local eco-economy projects in Denmark.