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"A Brief Intro to Community Rights: We the People Are More Powerful Than We Dare to Believe” with Paul Cienfuegos

  • Carnegie Hall, Room 206 90 South Macalester Street Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

The Community Rights movement has helped more than 200 communities and counties across eight states exercise their rights to a sustainable energy future, a healthy climate, clean water, a local food system, sustainable infrastructure, etc., as locally enforceable laws. Learn how they’ve done it.

For more information about this topic, please visit or read "When the Transition Movement & the Community Rights Movement Start Collaborating, Watch Out!" The latter is a transcript of a speech Paul gave to Transition PDX in Portland, Oregon in January 2012.

Paul Cienfuegos

Paul Cienfuegos is a nationally prominent workshop leader and community organizer in the Community Rights movement, which works to dismantle corporate constitutional “rights” and assert peoples' inherent ability to govern themselves and protect their community’s health and welfare. Paul has some very provocative ideas about how Transition could rapidly expand its impact across the US by teaming up with the Community Rights movement and its ongoing success in helping more than 200 communities to successfully pass locally-enforceable laws that transition us away from unsustainable energy and resource depletion and towards our RIGHT as We the People to a sustainable future. Paul recently co-founded Community Rights US to further this work nationally. More info about Paul is available at and