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"Best Practices for Group Council" with Theo Talcott

  • Campus Center, Room 207 1600 Grand Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

It's a pleasure to be in group that talks and listens carefully to each other. Native American methods of council teach us to listen and speak from the heart, be lean of expression, and invite elders and women to speak up. We'll talk about strategies to "popcorn" an agenda, manage space hogs, and harvest the consensus. People need strategies to come together in conversation because it's hard to juggle people's thirst to be heard and a meeting's time limits. Good meeting facilitators keep the focus, stay on topic, push back on interruptors, and encourage quieter voices to share. Let us learn like the Lakota.

Theo Talcott

Theo Talcott is a co-founder of Transition Town Manchester, yogi, videographer at youtube/theotalcott making Bernie Blackout News, and intersectional justice ally.