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"Global Perspectives: Transition Around the World" with Transition Leaders from Five Countries

  • Campus Center, The Loch 1600 Grand Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

This virtual workshop will bring in the international/global Transition movement lens. We will host this live with Transition leaders from Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, and Brazil. You will hear about how Transition is emerging in each of their countries, as well as their successes, learnings, and challenges. You will also hear a report-back from the International Hubs meeting in Santorso, Italy in May 2017. Hearing from these other countries will be eye-opening, inspirational, and connecting.

Tanja Aertebjerg

Tanja Aertebjerg is a member of the Transition national hub in Denmark, called Omstilling Danmark. She is a Garden Ambassador of the organization Practical Organic Gardening and a representative of Transition Denmark’s Working Group: "Det Fælles Bedste" (The Common Good). This Group works in cooperation with various green associations such as Permaculture Denmark, The Food Coops, Organic Building, Eco-Villages, and Organic Gardening to lobby for transition and sustainability, arrange conferences and convergences, publish papers, and work on a number of projects together.

Juan del Rio

Juan del Rio is an apprentice of life and agent of change. He is a biologist, activist, facilitator, educator, and researcher for sustainability. Juan is also the Coordinator of Red de Transición (Transition Spain) and a member of Municipalities in Transition and Cardedeu en Transició. He has worked at Smart CSOs Lab, fostering systemic change within CSOs, and in SwitchMed, promoting sustainable production and consumption at the community level in south Mediterranean countries. He is the author of "Guía del Movimiento de Transición" and numerous articles in publications such as Ecohabitar or 15/15\15. He focuses his work on promoting new models of sustainable living and local resilience. Juan currently lives in Cardedeu, Barcelona.

Isabela Maria Gomez de Menezes

Isabela Maria Gomez de Menezes is an Architect and Urbanist from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro who attended Gaia Education and today works on the development of sustainability education projects, regeneration of social systems, and social responsibility and community development at Oficina da Sustenatbilidade. Isabela is also a Trustee and Keeper of the Global Perspective for the Transition Network Board, articulator and facilitator of the Transition Towns National Hub in Brazil (, and is one of the initiators of the Transition Towns Movement at Granja Viana.

Nenad Maljkovic

Nenad Maljkovic is the co-founder and current coordinator of Transition Hub in Croatia. He is a cultural creative and permaculture designer with particular interest in the social and economic aspects of permaculture, effective collaboration in groups, and facilitating virtual teams for systemic change. He is also a Rumi translator and enabler of local, bioregional, and global high-trust networks for systemic change towards regenerative cultures. His current roles within the global Transition movement include: REconomy Group International Coordinator, and ECOLISE Council member. On his blog, Virtual Teams for Systemic Change, Nenad is championing skillful remote collaboration between Transitioners on levels of scale beyond local Transition Initiatives. He works globally from Zagreb, Croatia.

Filipa Pimentel

Filipa Pimentel is a member of the Transition Network staff team, acting as International Coordinator for the Transition National Hubs and making the bridge between Transition Network and EU Institutions (as well as other organizations based in Brussels). Filipa is a Portuguese forest scientist by training. In 2000, she went to Brussels to join an internship at the European Commission and, for a period of 10 years, worked in several EU Institutions and organizations related to sustainable development as a political adviser. She is the co-founder of a Transition initiative in Portalegre, Portugal and initiator of AJUDADA, an experimental community empowerment international event, under the theme of gift economy. She lives in Brussels, Belgium.