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"Varied Paths to Support Movement Through Climate Grief" with Ranae Hanson

  • Carnegie Hall, Room 05 90 South Macalester Street Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

Facing our grief over climate losses - of species, habitats, and ways of living - can allow us to transition to sustainable lives. To explore the grief that we face, we will hear from a diverse group of Minnesota people from Minneapolis Community and Technical College - some who were born into Oromo culture in Ethiopia, some who were born in Somalia, some born into Somali families here, some who are part of the Minnesota African-American community, some who are descendants of European immigrants, and some who have both Native and immigrant heritage. In addition to helping us think about climate refugee stress, water-deprivation, food deserts, air quality, privilege and poverty, and loss of trees and species, we will speak of the varied ways that individuals and groups can develop resilience to face such grief. Participants and presenters will discuss together the diverse paths they have taken, and will choose to take in the future, to cope with these challenges - and more importantly to celebrate the community we form when we face our own climate sorrows.    

Ranae Hanson

Having grown up in a canoe-country forest, Ranae Hanson suffered as that biological community faltered with the changing climate. Through physical and spiritual practices, by planting and tending to the soil, and in community with diverse community college students, Transition Town neighbors, and fellow Friends (Quakers), she has found quiet solidarity with here beloved waters and other beings. A recent diagnosis of Type One Diabetes is providing further training for living in an altered body on an altered earth.