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"Transform Your Neighborhood with Transition Streets" with Marissa Mommaerts and Carolyne Stayton

  • Campus Center, The Loch 1600 Grand Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

Transition Streets is a neighborhood carbon reduction program that brings neighbors together to learn and support each other in taking practical action to lower their carbon footprints in the areas of food, energy, water, waste, and transportation, all while deepening relationships and having fun! Transition Streets has been implemented in more than 500 households in the UK and more than 150 in the US, with the average participant saving hundreds of dollars on their bills and 2,600 pounds of carbon per year. Join us to learn how to bring Transition Streets to your neighborhood!

Marissa Mommaerts

Marissa Mommaerts has been with Transition US since 2013 and serves as Director of Programs. Marissa is an avid gardener, homesteader, community organizer, and activist. She came to Transition US after six years working with government, civil society, and the private sector to promote just and sustainable solutions to poverty and public health crises. Prior to Transition, Marissa worked at The Aspen Institute coordinating a global communications project on reproductive health and population growth. Marissa has a Master's Degree in International Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she co-founded a sustainable development project in partnership with UW students and an island community in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Marissa is also a writer and speaker on the topics of community resilience and sustainable global development. You can view one of her recent presentations here.

Carolyne Stayton

Carolyne Stayton is the Executive Director of Transition US (the national hub of the international Transition Towns movement). She has an advanced degree in nonprofit management and her background includes serving as Director of New College’s North Bay Campus of Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Community, an innovative educational institution that promoted advanced studies in leadership and community-building. Carolyne resides in Graton, California, where she participates with others from across the nation and around the world in building the kind of future we want to live into.