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"Understanding Human Needs - A Key To Successful Transition" with Tom Jablonski

  • Carnegie Hall, Room 107 90 South Macalester Street Saint Paul, MN, 55105 United States (map)

This talk will introduce the work of economist Manfred Max-Neef who said: “quality of life depends on the possibilities people have to satisfy their fundamental human needs." As we run up against the limits of growth and the end of the fossil fuel age, we need to refocus from chasing unlimited wants to understanding and finding ways to satisfy our real needs within the ecosystems in which we live. Satisfying these needs will be key to enabling us to transition into living simpler lives in harmony with our finite planet and our fellow inhabitants.

Tom Jablonski

The career of Tom Jablonski has included stints as an environmental engineer, park ranger, stay-at-home dad, playground monitor, and fast-food cook. He writing has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, Crista Tippett’s "On Being" blog, and his own ecological leadership blog. He has degrees in Civil Engineering and Servant Leadership. He currently dwells in the Anoka Sand Plains area known as Blaine, Minnesota. When not working, exploring the planet, or being with family, he enjoys mulling around with other suburbanites in the Transition Twin Cities group, where folks gather to practice living more simply on planet Earth.